Salesforce and the Modern Sales Professional

The media world has been abuzz lately with the news of Salesforce acquiring ExactTarget. But, the one issue many people have failed to bring up at this point is what does this acquisition mean for sales professionals? Here’s how we interpret this move…

While the acquisition of ExactTarget by Salesforce will enhance the marketing campaign features of Salesforce, the reality is there are still significant gaps in the sales side of the equation. Salesforce has become a cumbersome tool for the individual sales person to use resulting in sales professionals spending priceless time entering data into a system when they could be communicating with potential customers. A successful sales organization needs modern tools to effectively function in today’s digital world that are not found in Salesforce.
Digital marketing has become a fast growing sector with numerous companies providing the services marketers need to automate and customize outreach to potential customers via a multitude of platforms including SMS messaging, e-mail campaigns and social media. Technology enabling digital selling, however, has not been as widely adopted and correspondingly a company’s ROI in digital marketing is being significantly reduced.

OptifiNow provides digital selling tools that empower sales teams to be more effective, efficient and drive more sales. Using these digital selling tools increases the ROI of the sales force as well as marketing automation.  OptifiNow is seamlessly integrated with both Salesforce and Exact Target and thus is capable of harvesting demographic information from both Salesforce and ExactTarget databases. This information enables the sales professional to generate fully customized communication materials with little more effort than a few clicks of the mouse. OptifiNow provides sales professionals with the option of sending these auto-generated and deeply personalized messages via e-mail, printed documents, digital documents, SMS or social channels.

OptifiNow offers companies several capabilities not found in Salesforce or ExactTarget. OptifiNow increases the effectiveness of the sales force by allowing a company to define and automate benchmark sales tools and processes. OptifiNow also allows companies to create a library of legal and brand compliant marketing materials that individual sales people can send to their individual customers, in a true one-to-one communication. This feature alone reduces times spent by sales people searching for marketing documents in e-mail chains and eliminates the potential for expired or incorrect information to be sent to leads.

While Salesforce acquiring ExactTarget is another step forward in the evolution of digital marketing and will likely lead to more innovation in the marketing automation space, companies still need to look outside Salesforce, to services like OptifiNow, for solutions to bring their sales professionals into the digital selling age.

by John McGee
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