LeadsCon 2015 – What You Won’t Learn at the Show, But Need to Know

The first full day of the 2015 LeadsCon Conference in New York City kicks off today. While there are many quality topics that will be covered in keynotes throughout the week, a few in particular caught our eyes.

Today at 2:00pm, a talk will be given entitled “Leveraging Lead Volume in the Real Estate & Mortgage Markets”. Many of our customers do business in these markets, which is why this particular keynote is of interest. Here is what is going to be covered:

The home buying market has once again taken off, and although consumers are generally more cautious than just a few years ago, the desire for home ownership is still strong, as witnessed by several growth markets and continued growth indicators. So how do you take advantage of the upward trends and stay ahead of today’s market? Join us as we hear how today’s lenders and real estate brokers are maximizing their lead generation and conversion efforts and gaining long-term customers in the process. We’ll help you discover ways to ideate lead sources and criteria for vetting lead sellers, share best practices for reaching leads in a timely manner, work through sources such as dedicated call centers and mobile, social, search and email campaigns, and hear from real-world examples and trends driving the industry today.

All of these are extremely important topics to cover and can provide valuable insight for real estate and mortgage professionals to help improve business. But, we think one important lesson is missing – how to efficiently personalize lead outreach.

In order to maximize time in a day and reach as many leads as possible most real estate and mortgage professionals send out mass mailings, whether in print or by email, to their prospects. Often, the letter being sent out has not been updated or changed for several months. And everyone on the mailing list receives the exact same letter. Which, translates to people opening the letter, instantly recognizing it as a mass mailing and quickly depositing it in the trash. Now, a few individuals who are actively looking to purchase or sell a home, or who need a mortgage, might save the letter to research the sender and consider doing business. That is not the norm though.

When you have the information on your potential customers at your fingertips needed to help close a lead, it is essential that you use it. Adding a simple sentence to the opening of an email or letter can be the difference between a lead that moves forward in the sales pipeline and one that falls out of it all together.

by John McGee
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