Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and Sales

Historically, marketing and sales departments could be opposing forces.  Neither appreciating the efforts of the other.  And, prior to the downturn in the economy, when sales were increasing, companies could get away with it.

The slowing economy has forced companies to rethink their strategies toward sales growth.  Marketing and sales are bridging the gap and realizing the important role they each play.  Marketing needs to produce sales qualified leads and sales needs to close each opportunity.

Marketing has become more integrated into the sales pipeline.  Marketing automation technologies have aided the process allowing marketing executives to get closer to leads in real time.  The marketing department role has shifted to not only generate leads, but nurture them as well.  Delivering higher qualified leads increases sales conversion.

The sales department has more tools to engage customers across the entire sales pipeline.  Not all customers are equal and sales needs to communicate with their opportunities wherever they may be.  Voice, print, email and social are the communication media and high quality data points are accumulated along the way.  The data points help sales qualify opportunities and focus their efforts on closing deals.

Marketing and sales working as a team has rewarded companies with growth in a down economy. Bridging the gap is an integral success factor for the economy of the future.

by John McGee
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