From Mass Marketing to Social Marketing – Frost & Sullivan Review




Executive Summary

As social media marketing becomes a vital channel, company executives have gone from being satisfied that their companies have a presence on popular social media sites to demanding success from social media marketing. This requires broadening their social marketing focus from brand awareness to customer and prospect engagement and lead generation.

Companies are using social media information and insights for marketing much more effectively by connecting social media comments, feeds, leads, and profiles into their CRM systems for customer and market research, lead qualification, and better customer engagement. Companies also are using marketing automation to score leads directly from social media. They are reviewing past conversations to identify top customers and the social (and non-social) channels they spend their time in, and then fine tuning their advertising spending to maximize results.

As social media develops, social media audiences are splintering across a widening array of social sites that are tailored to niche interests. At the same time, customers expect a high degree of content relevancy, authenticity, and quality from companies that market to them on social sites.

Companies must take a long-term strategic approach to social media marketing. They should decide how they are going to market on the social channel, and how to use the resulting customer intelligence in other marketing channels. To bring these elements together, companies must define, bolster and track return on investment by connecting social media channels with sales channels through tools that help users understand which social media activities triggered which sales activities.

Finally, companies must ensure their social media marketing messages, and employees’ (and contractors’) social comments, are consistent and compliant.  Firms can meet those goals by training staff, buffering and analyzing responses, and creating pre-approved content that is housed in libraries for plug-and play scripting.



by John McGee
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