Big Data and The Connected Customers

Your connected customers have smartphones and tablets. They browse online, shop in a store and then phone your call center with a question.

They use social media to praise your brand and critique your products. They collaborate, communicate and consume in real time, 24/7. Immersed in a world of non-stop information, these empowered consumers block out irrelevant marketing—while gravitating to messages personalized to their interests. Call them Generation C—customers connected and empowered like never before.

All this multichannel connectedness makes it harder to know your customers. More channels and devices mean greater complexity of behavior. That means greater complexity of data that can leave marketers guessing about customer wants. The large amount and complexity of data is exactly why organizations need to create highly specific customer segmentations and to tailor messaging and services precisely to meet their needs.

Using big data is a key basis of competition and new growth for companies.

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by John McGee
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