Automate Customer Engagement and Maximize Revenues

Make the most of your customer interactions before, during and after the sale. The significant increase in online activity by prospective buyers has led to a corresponding increase in the amount of prospect-related digital data. Today, effective sales execution is dependent upon leveraging the large quantities of available data to enable the delivery of a precise, targeted and timely message that is specific to a prospect’s stage in the buying process.

Listed below are some of the key elements a marketing and sales department should be looking for to measure and automate customer engagement to maximize revenues.

Campaign Design

Marketing can build B2B/B2C segmentations; create and refine lists from customer databases; design campaign elements like email templates, Web forms, and landing pages suited for complex sales efforts. Sets up reports and dashboards, and seamlessly integrates with marketing database providers.

Campaign Management

Workflow-based approach to campaign execution: email execution, sales email templates, etc. Manages offers, links to and reuses content, tracks, maintains calendar.

Lead Scoring

Uses a quantitative approach to capture and score respondent data based on criteria including explicit facts, implicit information, behavioral activity, account identification rules, etc.

Lead Routing

Ability to route score leads to sales through multiple clients, monitor sales acceptance, and re-route or escalate based on preset or custom rules. Should include advanced telephony integration features.

Lead Nurturing

Build time or event-triggered communications that advance buyers through marketing and sales funnel. Includes drop marketing through complex, multistep nurturing flows based on activity or rules, auto-responders, inactivity, sales initiated events, follow-up communications, etc.


Reports, charts, and dashboards that allow marketers to monitor lead activity, track sales acceptance, measure campaign statistics, calculate returns, and report on activities.


Proven integration with and into CRM providers, sales automation, email marketing, search marketing tools, Web analytics, content management, and social media.


Demonstrates ability to scale to very large databases without degradation in service levels. Manages multiple campaigns across departments, product lines, geographies, and verticals.



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