OptifiNow Announces the Introduction of a Lead and Referral Management Solution Tailored to the $35B Addiction Treatment Center Marketplace

OptifiNow.ATC  manages and tracks every prospective client from inbound calls to Verification of Benefits, Assessment and Admission from its simple, intuitive  and integrated cloud based solution.  LOS ANGELES. CA – OptifiNow  is announcing the introduction of OptifiNow.ATC  a Lead and … Continue reading

10. March 2017 by John McGee
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Sales Leaders are Replicating and Improving Successful Processes, Not Reinventing the Wheel

  Today’s sales leaders are under increasing pressure to be more effective, efficient and increase the ROI of the sales force. These leaders are reinventing the way they manage their teams. But they are not reinventing the wheel, they are … Continue reading

08. June 2016 by John McGee
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Is your sales force enabled to interact with today’s empowered B2B buyer

The Internet, digital marketing, marketing automation, CRM, fundamental changes in business structure, and significantly higher customer expectations have made the traditional sales model virtually obsolete. Traditional sales professionals were 2 parts personality and one part knowledge. Historically, product knowledge was … Continue reading

05. May 2016 by Mike McGee
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Turn your C Players into A Players…

Turn your C Players into A Players… Customers are actively engaged with brands at multiple levels; making it critical that companies manage and nurture these highly engaged consumers who can share anything, with anyone, across the globe. A systematized work-flow … Continue reading

08. December 2015 by sarah thaopaset
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Sometimes You Have to Show People a Solution Before They Realize They Have a Problem

If you’ve ever seen an infomercial you can appreciate that ‘lightbulb’ moment when you say to yourself ‘I don’t even like pancakes but now that I can buy a pan that flips them for me, I’m going to’. Hence solving … Continue reading

22. October 2015 by John McGee
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